Putting your ideas, dreams, and business goals together with some expertise, skills and experience plus a spoonful of sugar to create a most delightful solution

DigitalSketchpad is the online portfolio and playground of J.T Abayomi a designer and developer specializing in web sites and applications for companies who have/desire a web presence.

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Good Designers, by design are passionate people

If you're a designer, you already know this. If not, you'll have to take our word for it

DSK has the advantage of understanding both sides of the equation - coding and design, as well as being able to explain it in plain English.


DSK provides design services for projects. This includes creation of wireframes, graphics and other concrete visuals


DSK provides programming experience of over 10 years for solutions in both .NET and PHP among others. Other services include the implementation of custom or commercial CMS platforms such as Expression Engine and others.


Knowing both the design and development sides of web development, I speak both languages. This in addition to extensive experience provides a wealth of knowledge that can be useful to others


Franchise Buyer Guide
Franchising for Executives
Child and Family Institute
John's Salt
Open Design Project

Franchise Buyer Guide

Mercury Road Associates

A first of its kind, an online directory of franchises



Designing for the love of it. It's just that simple

But.... I don't even know who you are

DigitalSKetchpad is J.T. Abayomi's playground. He occasionally collaborates with other designers and developers. He has been involved in all aspects of web design and development for over 10 years.

He has the benefit of being both left brained enough to understand backend development in .NET, PHP, and Coldfusion as well as several frameworks and database systems. In addition, his considerable right brain allows him to appreciate the nuances of typography, pixel perfection and color wheels, the basics of any good design education.

In real life, he does not refer to himself in the third person.

I love to work with other passionate people